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    P.S. lia-nelson~


    Send “P.S.” + a URL and the mun will talk about them through a voice recording


    #here lies lia-mun rip

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  • ((I’ve arrived home, but I need some minutes to settle and pack away groceries. I’ll be trying to finish replies on PG first before coming here, however. But like the post if you want a starter later.))

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  • maybe its a sorta wanting to see how being a male feels like while doing practical stuff? since its not like it seems like she just…does it. (ignore this probably)

    ((That’s a reasonable assumption to make but tbh it’s probably because it was easier for certain things. in the panel I reblogged she needed to be male/her friend in order to fool her father’s organization [as her friend was disguised as her someplace else —it was a way of each one to end up not being terribly affected by the other’s weaknesses inflicted by machines.]

    the other instance she was male because [headcanoning here] she needed to be close to her father and the only way for her to be was to be a male member of his field team.


    My wonder comes in when I think about whether we could’ve seen more of her ‘disguises’ if she had had more issues as the creator made it clear he planned/insinuated for her to be more people in her second issue. if she preferred males because she’s accustomed to it already or idk. they weren’t even typical power fantasies males, they were average males within her hollywood spectrum, if I go that far  ))

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  • ((I just realized Lia’s changed only into males in terms of humans in her canon appearances. [insofar]


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The Trials of The Flash, pg. 13. Art by Paul Pelletier + Andy Lanning. Lia’s manipulation of light to disguise herself in action.

    The Trials of The Flash, pg. 13. Art by Paul Pelletier + Andy Lanning. Lia’s manipulation of light to disguise herself in action.

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  • Crime themed starter sentences 


    Includes drug and violence tw, a mix of which muse is the criminal, if not both.

    • “Your mother would be ashamed of you.”
    • “C’mon, the cops are stupid, they’ll never catch us.”
    • “The car’s a piece of junk anyway, they’re not gonna miss it.”
    • “Carry on the way you’re going and you’re gonna end up in prison.”
    • “I’m not that much of a scumbag, I don’t steal from old ladies.”
    • “One last score, then we’re out of the game, what do you say?”
    • “I’m only doing this because I need to pay my dealer.”
    • “Prison? Occupational hazard.”
    • “They pissed me off, I made sure they won’t be walking for a while, no biggie.”
    • “So you’re a drug runner or a drug dealer?”
    • “Prison ain’t too bad, you’ve got a bed and they feed you.”
    • “I get all tingly when you break into cars like that.”
    • “I do it for the thrill – and to fund my drug habit.”
    • “Did you kill him/her?”
    • “I never meant to hurt anyone!”
    • “I needed the money, what else could I do.”
    • “We grew up around criminals, of course we became them.”
    • “What kind of example are you setting for your kids?”
    • “I grew up, you probably should too.”
    • “He had it coming.”
    • “I just gave him his final warning.”
    • “I’m calling the cops!”
    • “I’m passionate about two things, bank robbery and you.”
    • “I’m a street rat, but I’m good at it.”
    • “Dealing in an alley, classy as ever.”
    • “If you don’t have my money, you know I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.”
    • “Bonny and Clyde made this look so much more glamorous.”
    • “One day we’ll be rich and we won’t have to do this anymore.”
    • “That’s not your wallet is it?”
    • “So I got in a fight, they owed me money.”
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    Not Your Normal Batman: Tangent Universe 


    "Yes but I ain’t your babysitter" Hex chuckled. And Flash questions weren’t the same as Bat-boy questions. Holo-Hollywood wasn’t the fresh new fish trying to swim with everyone else. Hex just hoped he wouldn’t be thrown off course by a bad current.

    The mood changed from a chuckling, relaxing one to something else. Hex stopped mid drink as Kevin looked between the two. “What is it?” Kevin repeated.

    They got their trouble. The meeting was interupted and it was probably from the folks who caused all of this in the first place. “Got it. Nightshade, you’re with me.” It buzzed and floated towards her. But Hex noticed something out of the corner of his eye. “What are you—”

    Kevin was quickly going over what he had been working on at the table. He was looking through the devices, notes and so on. “I’m going to help.”

    "Not in person you aren’t. You’re barely trained." Hex replied. "And we’re not waiting on you."

    "I’m not letting them get away!" Kevin insisted. "These people hurt my Mom. Probably were going to kill Sir William and the rest of us and they attacked you guys. I dunno why but—"

    "Hey hey hey! Before you go all melodramatic on us, I said in person. You can help us." He’d make a snide remark to Lia, but she wasn’t waiting for it. "You’re range ain’t good enough, so you’re being dropped off on the shore. And you stay put."

    "Yes sir."

    "M’lady?" Hex turned back to Flash. "I’ll help however I can. But where’s this meeting? We going down under or this on land?"

    Lia straddled the dingy curtains in Hex’s apartment, closing them just as fast as she opened them. There wasn’t anybody waiting for them outside, thankfully. The last thing they needed was finding out that there had been a satellite hack and every one of them turned out to be surrounded by big baddies in hiding.

    Turning back to the two men, her expression was one of befuddlement. She blinked once or twice as she tried to understand what in the world were they arguing about. Magic was never really her forte, much less the techno-kind. Wrinkling her face at Nightshade, she smirked at the familiar before placing her hands on her hips.

    "Sea Devils are underwater, aren’t they? So duh, of course we’re going down under! Let’s try to not go to Australia, though,” she teased. She had no idea how exactly they’d go to Shaligo, the underwater city, but they had to. Maybe Hex had something up his sleeve, she hoped. She could sol-hol a submarine, but she was sure she’d be weakened in less than a half an hour, given its scale and route.

    The blonde went over in a hurry to the young man. “Kev, it’s gonna be alright. Trust Hex. Trust me. You’ll get your total revenge request, I promise.” No, she wasn’t willing to assuage his desire or convince him otherwise.

    Soften, perhaps — after all, such violence was best reserved for some other, desperate time.

    "Just don’t go too far…literally! Hee. ‘Sides, I kinda wanna see just what you learned from this guy!"

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    (Superman smirks and nods along)

    I see. Have you made any plans to return?

    [She nods happily, beaming.]

    Yeah! I kinda go back for, like, four days. And I spend three here! It totally makes me puke less too, yuck.

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