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  • Wally: “He isn’t the only one.” (He points to the onslaught of JLA enemies.)

    Lia: “Wow. Those people are all enemies?!”

    Tangent Superman’s Reign #11. Art by Carlos Magno + Julio Ferreira

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  • TANGENT 11 Page 10 by julioferreira

Tangent Superman’s Reign #11, page 10.Art by Carlo Magno + Júlio Ferreira.

    TANGENT 11 Page 10 by julioferreira

    Tangent Superman’s Reign #11, page 10.

    Art by Carlo Magno + Júlio Ferreira.

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  • thewolfofsouthtown:

    Are you a wave or a particle?

    [As he opens the box and digs an ice cream out.]

    [For once, or perhaps twice, in her life Lia is asked this life-bending question. Because that’s what she likes: to start thinking about her biological makeup in a deeper sense.]


    [She heard that same query enough times before as a child. It got old fast.]

    …Y’know, if that was a joke, then you better, like, invent a new one! [Her hand sprints for the taiyaki in the bag still, frustrated expression on her face.] I’m just light, alright?!

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  • teenlantern:

    …Wait what.

              What’s that…I love Lucy?

    …Jordy! How can you, like, not know this super legend show?!

    It’s about Lucy and her husband, who’s this, like, Cuban bandleader or something! Y’know, it’s where this comes from!

    [starts humming the theme song, badly]

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  • break the ice; have our muses interact! 

    This includes not only if our characters haven’t met yet, but even if they already have.

    "Are you lost?" 
    'And you are?”

    "Who are you?"
    "I don’t think we’ve met."
    "How old are you?"
    "How long have you been there?"
    "Can I trust you?"
    "Who do you think you are?"

    "Are you wearing my clothes…?"
    "You’re cute." 

    "Would you like to go on a date with me?"
    "People are watching."

    "Be Careful!"
    "Help me!"

    "I’ve got bad news." 
    "Hate to  break it to you.. but ___ is dead." 
    "I will never forgive you."
    "I’m sorry…"
    "Why are you so angry?" 

    "Just kill me!"
    "This is where it ends."
    "Stay close!"
    "Watch it!"
    "Why don’t you hate me?!" 
    "You can’t just give up… not now!"

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  • thelittlestastronaut:


    i love when people are passionate about a certain character, like really passionate about them bc then i start associating them with that character and then the character reminds me of them and i’ll just be looking through my dash and then suddenly i’ll think about them

    if i make you think of my favorite characters i have Succeeded

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  • TANGENT 11 Page 09 by julioferreira

Tangent Superman’s Reign #11, page 9.Art by Carlo Magno + Júlio Ferreira.

    TANGENT 11 Page 09 by julioferreira

    Tangent Superman’s Reign #11, page 9.

    Art by Carlo Magno + Júlio Ferreira.

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  • lia-nelson ASKED:
    ((✏? O:))


    Send me ✏ and I’ll draw how my muse sees yours

    ((she’s adorable *w* thank youuuuuuu))

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  • ((Allllrighty, most of my activity today has been 99% ooc, so if you guys are sending/have sent asks in I’m just going to leave it for tomorrow after I get some replies in. I don’t mind answering those asks but I haven’t been a good rper today so XD ))

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  • Anonymous ASKED:
    Willie Watt (yup. I'm invading your inbox again)

    ((XD Sneaky. Mah memory’s fuzzy, so most of this is based on what I can remember and the rp version vwv))

    Send me something from these options

    002 | Give me a character & I will tell you:

    • How I feel about this character:

    Like I might have mentioned once, I watched Batman Beyond when it first came out years ago. Funny thing is, I see the pics and I go ‘oh yeah, I remember that guy or girl or enemy’ but I remember nothing about them 8|;; And Willie’s in that boat too, unfortunately. I remember bits but not all. But digital-darwinism's interpretation's of him in roleplay is very interesting and does give depth and an “aftermath” to Willie post-Beyond.

    As someone who was bullied extensively, what goes on in Willie’s head remembering those moments and talking about those experiences resonate in my head a lot. Like, “yeah, I know what he’s talking about.” If the mun has never been bullied, I’d never believe it because she hits the nail on the head in regards to how bullying victims feel during and after the fact.

    So I can identify with him on that part at least. His actions aren’t good, but you can reason why he did it. They’re just still not good.

    • All the people I ship romantically with this character:

    Well, that Revolution 9 thread made me laugh a lot over Rampage/Willie 8DDD I have no clue on who I’d ship with WIllie.

    • My non-romantic OTP for this character:

    RP-wise, he does seem to get along with Max, right? Their interactions are a good read— they look good.

    • My unpopular opinion about this character:

    I actually don’t have one! Well, aside from blaming others for the actions he took after life got to him. I’ve felt like that too, and even nowadays sometimes I feel like that. But what other people do to you is on them and what you do to you and other people is on you.

    • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

    Everything happening in RP, basically. I suppose if Beyond had continued longer (not counting comic here), we might have seen more of Willie and what happened to him further. My cynical side says however, that they probably would have made him a worse character in terms of development — because characters like him aren’t “allowed” to change.

    • my OTP:

    Willie x Technology 8D

    • my cross over ship:


    • a headcanon fact:

    Because I like Tangent too much, Willie would become the second person to transpose/move over to Earth 9. (First was Lia’s hubby in your thread vwv) He’d become a resident thanks to Xanadu and help fill up reports on his world — maybe even convince Kevin Duncan to have a section in the museum for other Earths, eh?

    Or maybe he creates his own Rampage back on the Beyondverse and kickstarts a new robotic age 8)

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