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    #full of amazing ladies and that one robot

    That wasn’t a diss on Rampage, was it? Robots are awesome, too.


    I dunno. Will the answer end up on Jeopardy?


    Robots are great…until they go Big Brother on you.

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  • ((The Tangent feels have so overpowered me, I can’t even finish Skye’s reply.))

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  • Send me a ‘♥’ if your muse has ever wanted to punch my muse in the face. 

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  • [‘Weren’t you dating someone, Jenny?’] *SWEATS NERVOUSLY*

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  • tempestandtorrent ASKED:
    ((crap i dont think that last one sent and if it did IGNORE THIS)) tempestandtorrent (Jen)


    • My favorite thing about them

    She’s always got cool-looking tech!

    • My least favorite thing about them

    Half of that’s a bazillion years old!

    • Do I find them attractive?

    Her hair’s totally marvy, hee.

    • Are we friends?

    We are!

    • Would I date them?

    I’ll stick with Victor, thank you!

    • Would I marry them?

    Weren’t you dating someone, Jenny?

    • Would I have children with them?

    Like, we should double date!

    • Would I die for them?

    Duh, why wouldn’t I? She’s helped me tons!

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  • Totally Poppin’ People!:digital-darwinismstillmanlierthanyounubliasmokeythebearhatesmethirtysevensugarsiforgemyownfuturehubcityquestiontheguygardneratthestartinglineLIKE, THERE’S TOTALLY TOO MANY GUYS HERE YRRR
    Totally Poppin’ People!:
    1. digital-darwinism
    2. stillmanlierthanyou
    3. nublia
    4. smokeythebearhatesme
    5. thirtysevensugars
    6. iforgemyownfuture
    7. hubcityquestion
    8. theguygardner
    9. atthestartingline


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  • [Look out, she’s just thrown out a random Soviet e-dict. It’s a mini-computer of sorts, don’t worry. It won’t hurt.]

    [If it doesn’t hit you, that is.]

    Eggggh! I don’t wanna do this anymore!

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