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    Yes…it’s a video game. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like Mario Kart. Even people who haven’t played games since 1989 like it.

    [She looks very serious about having fun right now.]

    Ugh, for reals? [whines] But I don’t like video games! They’re so…[guttural noiseguh!

    [Yes, that’s a great critique of a formidable method of entertainment, Lia. The great American review of our times.]

    I don’t even know who this Mario is! Is it Mario Cuomo? Mario Batali? Mario López, the cute guy from Saved by The Power? I’d play a game with him, hee.

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Dolores Haze Fashion by nymphetfashion


    Dolores Haze Fashion by nymphetfashion

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  • I mean the engine class! It’s a racing game! Well, maybe we can start at 100cc. Which controller do you want?

    Jen, hel-lo?! I’m so, like, way clueless on what you’re talking about!

    Racing game? FrankIe Avalon, James Dean, which one?! Or is this a video game? [looks almost disgusted by that notion]

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Caroline Trentini


    Caroline Trentini

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    Blossom blinked her eyes, a sense of dread flitting over her. Her heart began to beat faster and she fumbled with her hands; had she allowed this woman to know their secret when she wasn’t supposed to know? That could get her into a lot of trouble back home if she wasn’t careful. She wasn’t even meant to be away from home. The confusion upon the womans’ face, her peculiar expression, clearly told the young girl of her confusion, and that only unsettled her more. “Um— Well, he was. I mean, he was the smallest so he said that he vowed to eat everything bigger than him until he was bigger than all his brothers, to make his Mommy proud and to protect her.” She murmured, a smile coming to her face at the sight of the small circles of light.


    A look of awe came across her face as she reached out a small, curious hand to touch the lights, only to have it retract in slight shock at the soothing sensation of a hand upon her hair. Blossom enjoyed having people stroke her hair or play with it. “My parents are the best,” she smiled up at Lia, nodding, “they love us all very much, all seven of us, and equally too!” She swallowed, tilting her head when the woman before mentioned chocolate and nail polish. “I don’t like chocolate…It’s too sweet and I’ve never painted my nails before because it’ll get ruined when I change for claws. Being a Wolf is hard…” She mused lightly, sighing.


    For the woman who hailed from a world where mutated fish people lived, Lia Nelson was beyond stupefied. Speechless she remained, which was something that very few people could manage to make her be. All that Blossom proved with her story was that she had an extremely active imagination, building her father up to be more impressive than he truly was — which was something that the hologram could understand. Indeed, she herself did it for her own father. But for the love of Madonna, there’s such a thing as going too far! “Oh-okay…,” she uttered, finally breaking silence. “S-s-s-s—” —su-sussudio— “So! Not a f-fan of baseball then…It’s, it’s sweet how he wanted to protect his mom. Really, like, I think it’s totally cutesy! But I’m confused, chickie. He was the smallest what? Soldier? Lawyer? Agent?” The smallest giant?!, she added mentally, deciding to follow the girl’s string of statements. “An-and how did he not die from all his…eating?”


    Seven?!”, Lia commented, loud enough that some people near them turned their heads to the source. But she let out a titter immediately, kneeling until she reached the little one’s level. She fixed a clump of red hair behind Blossom’s ear and rested her hands on her knees. “Wowzers, your parents were busy! I’m just an only child…” Not that she minded; people spoiled in childhood become selfish in adulthood, unless they change their ways. The blonde was more than thankful that her materials had been hers for all her life. Yet at the same time, a young sibling to care for and to dress up with — oh, the fun it must be! Her smile dampened slightly for this ‘what if’ wish, before it quirked into a warm expression. “To be totally honest with you, I don’t like chocolate much either. I prefer marvy strawberry! And like, there’s protective coats for your nails! So if something awful happens, then the paint will still stick on your claws and—”


    What did I just say?

    What did she just say?!

    "…Y-you’re a what?", she squeaked out.

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  • tempestandtorrent ASKED:
    ☠ and by that I mean Mario Kart 8, Star cup, 150cc. I'm ready

    What does your muse want from mine? Send me a symbol

    ☠ — a fight


    Oh yeah?! Well, I’m the Flash and I’m faster than anything you can, like, dish out! I’m ready!

    What’s Mario Kart and why does it need, like, 150cc’s of blood? 

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  • What does your muse want from mine? Send me a symbol 


    ☠ a fight

    ☮ friendship

    ☎ a phone call

    ♥ love

    ☺ a casual conversation

    ∞ casual sex

    x a kiss

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Barbarella (1968)


    Barbarella (1968)

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    what doesn’t kill you fucks you up mentally and affects your ability to have stable relationships with other human beings

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  • If you ever want to RP with me please, send me a meme. Reply to a starter. Come to my inbox and plot. I’m here, I’m following you. That means I WANT to RP with you.

    And please don’t be turned off by me answering your memes / opens. It’s why I’m here. I want the interaction, I want to RP with you. To get to know your muse, to get to know the mun behind the muse. 

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